Wednesday, January 16, 2008

IT IS A GAME (test version)


Arrow keys left/right = run
down = crouch
up = jump
Numpad 0 = counter-jump (when Pandaboy is in contact with a falling rock)
Numpad . (dot) = attack (use with direction keys)

w,a,s,d = arrows
j = counter-jump
k = attack

HOW TO PLAY (The in-game "How to play" is unfinished).

The objective of the game is to "counter-jump" the falling rocks and keep going higher and higher until you see the Planet Raper, who is constantly descending to rape the Earth (which means the game is over). Be aware that coming in contact with the Planet Raper will severely damage you. The orange bar in the bottom-left of the screen is your health, while the red bar is the enemy's health. Defeat the Planet Raper by attacking it every opportunity you get! After its health is depleted you will have to perform a finishing-move, to do this you have to press the correct direction key sequence before the time runs out (pressing the wrong direction will speed up the time). GOOD LUCK!


This can be a really hard game at times so keep these tips in mind:
* I don't know why but it's usually easier to control if you're not always holding down the "up" key.
* This game is specially coded so you can't hold down the keys to win, the intended idea is to press the key at the exact moment. Pressing the keys repeatedly ("mashing") also works, which I don't mind.
* You can only attack once per every jump, but you can attack once after (and even cancel) every new counter-jump, and you can cancel attacks with counter-jumps (you can't cancel a counter-jump with another counter-jump). So it is possible to do a repetitive sequence like counter, attack, counter, attack, etc.
* Take advantage of my cartoony physics! Attacking in the air will pause your falling momentarily, but it can also destroy a rock you might want to counter-jump on so do it carefully.

* One exploitable glitch is taking advantage of Flash's shitty hit-test programming, so you don't have to hit the Planet Raper directly, but you can attack its "bounding box" and it will still do damage.
* While you are on the ground you can attack much more repetitively by holding down the attack key, so if you manage to weaken the Planet Raper in the air by about 60% you can wait until it comes down close enough to rapidly hit it.
* The finishing sequence goes like this: adwdaswasadwdsad (not much thought went into this sequence).


Personally I think this looks too much like a typical Flash game. If anything I'd probably want to start this again using C++ with pixel sprites. I want to change the look of the falling rocks but I haven't decided what to change them into yet. I think the Planet Raper needs a simpler redesign. Some of the physics are really terrible, I wanted "cartoony" but this is borderline "glitchy". I wanted Pandaboy to take damage if he falls down from a really high place (which he does fyi) but he somehow gains so much resistence it's like he has an invisible parachute, yet if I make him fall down too fast then it won't be "cartoony" anymore it would be "brutal gravity". The ending is supposed to be temporary, but I like the way it looks. Originally it's supposed to do "zoom-outs" instead of flashing white, but I'll do that in the final version if I ever get around to it (yeah right). I think the splash screen needs anatomy corrections.

There is an easter-egg stage in this game, it's pretty silly and I could have fixed it but I didn't because I like it. You access it by right-clicking and selecting Play. you can find a couple things I didn't include in the final game like running up a wall (hold up when you counter-jump at the surface of the wall) and if you hit the big moving hammering thing you get the "bad-hit" animation that stuns you a little bit. These were intended for the actual game that this was supposed to be. Kill the small angry circle-face to get out of it.

Any comments/suggestions/glitch-notes is appreciated!

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