Sunday, January 20, 2008


It was only up until mid-2007 I bought myself a digital Wacom tablet. Even though it's a cheap one, it's still 10,000,000 times better than drawing with a mouse. This section will be expanding whenever I bring myself to complete something. The twelve-second Christmas animation itself took me about 2 weeks to complete. On top of that I now have an interest in making my own music which adds to the pain and diminishing of my soul even further. One can only think about the future though, and I really want to make this a major part of what I want to do with my life.

Merry xmas (Made for a collaboration on TFS. It's the first time one of my flash's has made it to the front page, and the only one I actually think is worthy of being a part of the front page, despite only being 12 seconds long) 325k

Angel of Destiny (this was really a test of trying to animate using my tablet) 160k
Calf Eats Chick (based off a video on the Internet) 131k
In The Future (this was actually drawn with a mouse, but it was just before I bought the tablet) 172k
Lost Gost 300k

This is a mix of ones I drew with a mouse and ones I drew with a tablet. I mixed them all together because I feel the art isn't as important as the actionscripting. I'm still learning actionscript, although I seem to get things done using the "if" statement pretty well.

Boring Puzzle 81k
Something Obscenely Simple and cute 11k
Pandaboy Tablet Test 6k
Panda Childe Dress Uppe 59k
Pandaboy vs Planet Raper (test ver) 578k
** Meteor BETA (test version of Pandaboy vs Planet Raper) 122k
** Ax: Ultimate 7 String (fury) (test of controls and physics, now renamed to "Judgement". I turned this into the Pandaboy vs Planet Raper game) 39k

Dress Up BETA 6k
Puppyy2 Demo 0.1 (a sequel to Juho's unfinished Puppyy game) 199k
** Puppyy2 Demo 0.2 285k
Renegade Bear Saves The Future (use the keys to move and click the mouse to shoot) 13k

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