Sunday, January 20, 2008


In late 2004 and 2005 I went through many life changes/improvements. Firstly I changed from "Archfoe" to "Archfriend" (a convenient move because I later found out my old high-school friend from New Zealand stole my Archfoe name for Hotmail and probably Yahoo!, which marginally annoyed me when I tried to register it). Secondly I started really getting into heavy metal (thanks to Bathory) and thirdly I started seriously thinking about drawing better. Unfortunately I was still drawing with a mouse, which made productivity a lot slower. Finally, a significant change was my experimentation in 24fps, mostly ending in failures, but still looking cooler than 12fps.

Arch & Toast (Based off an old webcomic of mine) 282k
Grasshopper vs Ants vs Whael (Made for a collaboration that never got done, "WHAEL" refers to another animation by a guy named Kenny) 305k
Hello Fushi (Inspired by This person back in '05) 442k
How The World Ends (Inspired by Hobblin Harry's foretelling of the end of the world) 131k
On The Knoll (Featuring Alice In Funderland, a cute American-Korean girl) 215k
** On The Knoll (not featuring Alice in Funderland) 176k
POWERMUTATION (Made for Hamish Fox's 18th birthday) 2M
** PSEUDOPOWERMUTATION (just a short preview but thought it was worth mentioning) 27k
Tutorial (How to make a preloader (which doesn't work properly) and how to make a play button) 953k
Veiny Dick Monsters (made for a photoshop thread) 639k

Blow You Away 210k
1000 Images 120k
Ski Trip 50k
Air Combo 294k
** Air Combo (storyboards) 212k
A Sign 80k
Arch vs Hi Kart Race Attempt 1 388k
Arch vs Hi Kart Race Attempt 2 285k
Aviator Test (Kaferine's fairy character) 354k
** Aviator Test WIP 317k
** Aviator Landing 99k
Bear & Cat Just Chillin' 62k
Chatswood (suburb of Sydney where I used to live) 239k
Mr. Bonsworth 42k
Cold Dead 423k
Fury of the Worm 148k
Jenny's Birthday (Weeaboo Jenny from Northern England) 125k
Last Stick Figure 85k
leet BAPHO dance (a reinterpritation of Xenon's Magical RPG Quest 2: Da Sekwel vol. 2) 1M
Mythbusters 460k
Pick Up Line (this is really lame and unfunny) 42k
Psychogirl 106k
Shadowbear Chronicles (I have to say this looks really cool but it was too hard for me to do at the time) 522k
Shadow of the Teddy 128k
Something Battle 56k
Sup Guys This Flash Sux 246k
Master of the Wind 299k
Dragonite vs Electrode 458k


This was a failed collaboration on The Friend Society forums. It fell due to lack of interest and powertripping "organizers" who drove people away from it. It had a large story to it which I thought was very imaginative though. I'd like to redo the whole thing myself one day. This also left a mark on me as I now set the default dimensions to every new Flash project as 666x360.
My sequence, attempt 1 100k
My sequence, attempt 2 119k
Stretching test 37k
Concept animation 377k
Bunny Glide Race (unfinished) (spin-off idea) 198k

An epic attempt to recapturing my feelings of the Sonic series on Sega MegaDrive (Genesis). Entirely frame-by-frame, which is why I could never get it finished.
Super Sonic lines 1M
SS Attempt 1 1M
SS Attempt 2 1M
SS Attempt 3 2M

This was supposed to be a promo flash animation for a webcomic I made. Never got it finished, but the music I put to the line-art version (by Therion) matched fantasticly. The final attempt was done with my tablet.
TBCP Promo lines (with music) 510k
TBCP Promo lines, with original deleted scene 454k
** TBCP Promo, deleted scene by itself 60k
TBCP Promo, attempt 1 431k
TBCP Promo, final attempt 579k

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Kaiser Fate said...

Simply watching these was an effort. But I watched every single one of your flash animations posted here and it's fascinating to see how much you've improved.

If only you put the amount of effort it must have taken you to categorise all this into an animation.