Saturday, January 19, 2008


Before I started using Flash I was making GIF animations in Animation Shop 3 (which I previously used to edit sprites ripped from other games). Not all my GIF animations are here, just significant ones that eventually lead to installing Flash. The first thing I did in Flash was try to make "Dude vs Dood 4" but then I ended up making that a GIF animation. Then I made "Dude vs Dood 5" (as a GIF) but it was too big to run in a browser smoothly so I imported it into Flash. Then I tried other things in Flash like Jonny Action, but failed miserably. My first full Flash animation was "Meaning Less 1" inspired by certain animutations and other inspiration waves that came from places only I shall ever know.

My first GIF animation ever was the sword-boy one in retaliation to my disgust over that one GIF with some boy with a sword killing a bunch of cute high school girls. My interest in animating peaked from there.

(Dude vs Dood related)
Dude vs Dood 77k
Dude vs Dood 2 99k
Dude vs Dood 3 101k
Dude vs Dood 4 224k
** Dude vs Dood 4 (Flash attempt) 106k
Dude vs Dood 5 (in Flash) 2M
** Dude vs Dood 5 (ugly vectorizing experiment, DvD4 included) 1M
Dude vs Dood Trilogy (re-edit of first three) 249k
** Dude vs Dood Trilogy (with music and sound effects) 454k
** Dude vs Dood Trilogy (with "Born Stubborn" by Sepultura and a picture of Quan of Regurgitator at the end) (also a thankyou to Capdavis for recommending Flash to me). 928k
Dude vs Exploitation Man? crossover (unfinished and reaaaally gay so don't watch this) 1003k
"Art Battle" Dude vs Sei (someone else's character) 114k
"Art Battle" part 4 (other parts were by other guys, after this nobody else contributed so I win by default) 282k

(Jonny Action related)
Jonny Action 172k
** Jonny Action (same thing but in Flash to run smoother) 130k

Exploitation Man? 191k
Jenni at the checkout (an inside joke about some forum chick who had strong arms from working at the checkout and the fact that she's a slut) 106k
Jimmy vs Swordboy (first ever animated GIF) 59k
Zombiefest 257k
** Zombiefest WIP 200k

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