Sunday, January 20, 2008


Every animator will typically end up with a collection of small loops or things made from either tests, fun, boredom or forum-injokes. Here are mine. Not all of them are here but just mainly ones that I care about.

20 Eyes 60k
Andrea's Rotating Head 34k
Arch (old look) got Juho'd 127k
Beep Boop (currently occupying most of my Newgrounds submissions 3k
Bird Dance 6k
Boxing 77k
Circular 9k
Dreamer Blink 45k
Falling Into Myself 122k
Hammer Spin 16k
James Price 46k
Kick The Box 150k
Matching with (old) Xenon avatar 56k
______ + Spiral 17k
Penguin Slide 103k
Penguin Waddle 25k
Rollout2 43k
Spin The Wheel 19k
Subtle Improvement 34k
Sunova-- 276k
Teddy Face 29k
Tjunken-run 56k
Tjunken-run improved 89k
Undavair 76k
Upturned A 43k
Welcome To Happy World 62k
Where Eagles Dare 102k

1 comment:

Kaiser Fate said...

I totally just watched all of these.

Now I want to animate.