Sunday, January 20, 2008

That took me all night.

I uploaded nearly every Flash animation/project I have ever touched. Ones I didn't include are certain ones I feel don't fit in for various reasons, but this list is the most comprehensive you'll ever see. There are A LOT of unfinished projects, some are nearly finished, some are hardly even started, but they are still a part of


There are also many embarrassingly lame and unfunny attempts, which I still added, because I felt I needed to have them shown to anyone who has any interest (in the future when I become famous!).

You can navigate through the categories in a menu on the right-side of this blog under "Animography", a most pretentious title.


It was only up until mid-2007 I bought myself a digital Wacom tablet. Even though it's a cheap one, it's still 10,000,000 times better than drawing with a mouse. This section will be expanding whenever I bring myself to complete something. The twelve-second Christmas animation itself took me about 2 weeks to complete. On top of that I now have an interest in making my own music which adds to the pain and diminishing of my soul even further. One can only think about the future though, and I really want to make this a major part of what I want to do with my life.

Merry xmas (Made for a collaboration on TFS. It's the first time one of my flash's has made it to the front page, and the only one I actually think is worthy of being a part of the front page, despite only being 12 seconds long) 325k

Angel of Destiny (this was really a test of trying to animate using my tablet) 160k
Calf Eats Chick (based off a video on the Internet) 131k
In The Future (this was actually drawn with a mouse, but it was just before I bought the tablet) 172k
Lost Gost 300k

This is a mix of ones I drew with a mouse and ones I drew with a tablet. I mixed them all together because I feel the art isn't as important as the actionscripting. I'm still learning actionscript, although I seem to get things done using the "if" statement pretty well.

Boring Puzzle 81k
Something Obscenely Simple and cute 11k
Pandaboy Tablet Test 6k
Panda Childe Dress Uppe 59k
Pandaboy vs Planet Raper (test ver) 578k
** Meteor BETA (test version of Pandaboy vs Planet Raper) 122k
** Ax: Ultimate 7 String (fury) (test of controls and physics, now renamed to "Judgement". I turned this into the Pandaboy vs Planet Raper game) 39k

Dress Up BETA 6k
Puppyy2 Demo 0.1 (a sequel to Juho's unfinished Puppyy game) 199k
** Puppyy2 Demo 0.2 285k
Renegade Bear Saves The Future (use the keys to move and click the mouse to shoot) 13k


In late 2004 and 2005 I went through many life changes/improvements. Firstly I changed from "Archfoe" to "Archfriend" (a convenient move because I later found out my old high-school friend from New Zealand stole my Archfoe name for Hotmail and probably Yahoo!, which marginally annoyed me when I tried to register it). Secondly I started really getting into heavy metal (thanks to Bathory) and thirdly I started seriously thinking about drawing better. Unfortunately I was still drawing with a mouse, which made productivity a lot slower. Finally, a significant change was my experimentation in 24fps, mostly ending in failures, but still looking cooler than 12fps.

Arch & Toast (Based off an old webcomic of mine) 282k
Grasshopper vs Ants vs Whael (Made for a collaboration that never got done, "WHAEL" refers to another animation by a guy named Kenny) 305k
Hello Fushi (Inspired by This person back in '05) 442k
How The World Ends (Inspired by Hobblin Harry's foretelling of the end of the world) 131k
On The Knoll (Featuring Alice In Funderland, a cute American-Korean girl) 215k
** On The Knoll (not featuring Alice in Funderland) 176k
POWERMUTATION (Made for Hamish Fox's 18th birthday) 2M
** PSEUDOPOWERMUTATION (just a short preview but thought it was worth mentioning) 27k
Tutorial (How to make a preloader (which doesn't work properly) and how to make a play button) 953k
Veiny Dick Monsters (made for a photoshop thread) 639k

Blow You Away 210k
1000 Images 120k
Ski Trip 50k
Air Combo 294k
** Air Combo (storyboards) 212k
A Sign 80k
Arch vs Hi Kart Race Attempt 1 388k
Arch vs Hi Kart Race Attempt 2 285k
Aviator Test (Kaferine's fairy character) 354k
** Aviator Test WIP 317k
** Aviator Landing 99k
Bear & Cat Just Chillin' 62k
Chatswood (suburb of Sydney where I used to live) 239k
Mr. Bonsworth 42k
Cold Dead 423k
Fury of the Worm 148k
Jenny's Birthday (Weeaboo Jenny from Northern England) 125k
Last Stick Figure 85k
leet BAPHO dance (a reinterpritation of Xenon's Magical RPG Quest 2: Da Sekwel vol. 2) 1M
Mythbusters 460k
Pick Up Line (this is really lame and unfunny) 42k
Psychogirl 106k
Shadowbear Chronicles (I have to say this looks really cool but it was too hard for me to do at the time) 522k
Shadow of the Teddy 128k
Something Battle 56k
Sup Guys This Flash Sux 246k
Master of the Wind 299k
Dragonite vs Electrode 458k


This was a failed collaboration on The Friend Society forums. It fell due to lack of interest and powertripping "organizers" who drove people away from it. It had a large story to it which I thought was very imaginative though. I'd like to redo the whole thing myself one day. This also left a mark on me as I now set the default dimensions to every new Flash project as 666x360.
My sequence, attempt 1 100k
My sequence, attempt 2 119k
Stretching test 37k
Concept animation 377k
Bunny Glide Race (unfinished) (spin-off idea) 198k

An epic attempt to recapturing my feelings of the Sonic series on Sega MegaDrive (Genesis). Entirely frame-by-frame, which is why I could never get it finished.
Super Sonic lines 1M
SS Attempt 1 1M
SS Attempt 2 1M
SS Attempt 3 2M

This was supposed to be a promo flash animation for a webcomic I made. Never got it finished, but the music I put to the line-art version (by Therion) matched fantasticly. The final attempt was done with my tablet.
TBCP Promo lines (with music) 510k
TBCP Promo lines, with original deleted scene 454k
** TBCP Promo, deleted scene by itself 60k
TBCP Promo, attempt 1 431k
TBCP Promo, final attempt 579k


I wanted to separate these because they date back to an early stage of my Flash animating exploration (2004 and back, when I was still known as "Archfoe") and so therefore they are noticeably really crap and stupid. There is a lot of failure here in terms of art, but I had some interesting story ideas which I can look back on for meta-inspiration.

Meaning Less (first ever completed Flash, loading screen doesn't work so you have to right-click and play) 1M
** Meaning Less, from Tenacious D part 742k
Clocks & Chaps Original Discontinued Edition 657k
** Clocks & Chaps (redone with music by Dragonforce and a grindcore band called Fuck...I'm Dead) 701k
Fashion Victim (a.k.a. "Get It?") 939k
** Fashion Victim underwear edit (a.k.a. "Gedited") 740k
Narrowscreen 339k
Noir Silent Film 1M
Virtual Life 695k
Overdrive06 sux My "goodbye" animation to an old forum run by two fags (who were black which is why I used "racism" to offend them), featuring my impression of a few members of the forum, including an admin named Mystic who likes Dragonball Z) I am not very proud of this one at all. 2M
** Mystic vs Arch (with Sailormoon's transformation music, it syncs amazingly well!) 2M
** Mystic vs Arch fight (same thing redone with different text and a link to the forum (which is probably dead by now)) 1M

cntrvslART (compacted version) 1M
Romantik 2 (first attempt under "incomplete" section) 258k

Bird ReMix'd (A remix of "Bird" by Xenon and Dace) 509k
Down Under (A remix/mashup of "Rape Bus" by Juho and "Kangaroo" by Robin) 662k
***down under wallpapers:

TANG'D ReMix (A remix of "TANG'D" by Juho) 606k

Blurry Visions 181k
Fight With Death, the 340k
Narrowscreen 2 103k
** OMGWTFTETRIS (Busted Tetragazm Edition) 563k
Romantik 588k
Welcome To Happy Land 279k


ANGELS OF DEATH ("Meaning Less 2")
AoD Attempt 1 437k
AoD Attempt 2 117k
AoD Attempt 3 55k
Tittah's sign 8k

BB Attempt 1 102k
BB Action Scene Attempt 353k
** BB Action Scene Storyboards 113k

Part 1 424k
Part 2 268k
Part 3 238k
Part 4 99k

CM Attempt 1 644k
CM Attempt 2 21k
CM Attempt 3 646k
CM Attempt 4 67k
CM Attempt 5 26k
CM Final (and best) Attempt 2M
** CM Final Attempt (with Ken's Stage Theme Music from Street Fighter II) 2M
** CM Final Attempt (with music from Ichi The Killer trailer) 2M
** CCC Preview Edition (same as the other Final Attempts but renamed) 2M


Every animator will typically end up with a collection of small loops or things made from either tests, fun, boredom or forum-injokes. Here are mine. Not all of them are here but just mainly ones that I care about.

20 Eyes 60k
Andrea's Rotating Head 34k
Arch (old look) got Juho'd 127k
Beep Boop (currently occupying most of my Newgrounds submissions 3k
Bird Dance 6k
Boxing 77k
Circular 9k
Dreamer Blink 45k
Falling Into Myself 122k
Hammer Spin 16k
James Price 46k
Kick The Box 150k
Matching with (old) Xenon avatar 56k
______ + Spiral 17k
Penguin Slide 103k
Penguin Waddle 25k
Rollout2 43k
Spin The Wheel 19k
Subtle Improvement 34k
Sunova-- 276k
Teddy Face 29k
Tjunken-run 56k
Tjunken-run improved 89k
Undavair 76k
Upturned A 43k
Welcome To Happy World 62k
Where Eagles Dare 102k

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Before I started using Flash I was making GIF animations in Animation Shop 3 (which I previously used to edit sprites ripped from other games). Not all my GIF animations are here, just significant ones that eventually lead to installing Flash. The first thing I did in Flash was try to make "Dude vs Dood 4" but then I ended up making that a GIF animation. Then I made "Dude vs Dood 5" (as a GIF) but it was too big to run in a browser smoothly so I imported it into Flash. Then I tried other things in Flash like Jonny Action, but failed miserably. My first full Flash animation was "Meaning Less 1" inspired by certain animutations and other inspiration waves that came from places only I shall ever know.

My first GIF animation ever was the sword-boy one in retaliation to my disgust over that one GIF with some boy with a sword killing a bunch of cute high school girls. My interest in animating peaked from there.

(Dude vs Dood related)
Dude vs Dood 77k
Dude vs Dood 2 99k
Dude vs Dood 3 101k
Dude vs Dood 4 224k
** Dude vs Dood 4 (Flash attempt) 106k
Dude vs Dood 5 (in Flash) 2M
** Dude vs Dood 5 (ugly vectorizing experiment, DvD4 included) 1M
Dude vs Dood Trilogy (re-edit of first three) 249k
** Dude vs Dood Trilogy (with music and sound effects) 454k
** Dude vs Dood Trilogy (with "Born Stubborn" by Sepultura and a picture of Quan of Regurgitator at the end) (also a thankyou to Capdavis for recommending Flash to me). 928k
Dude vs Exploitation Man? crossover (unfinished and reaaaally gay so don't watch this) 1003k
"Art Battle" Dude vs Sei (someone else's character) 114k
"Art Battle" part 4 (other parts were by other guys, after this nobody else contributed so I win by default) 282k

(Jonny Action related)
Jonny Action 172k
** Jonny Action (same thing but in Flash to run smoother) 130k

Exploitation Man? 191k
Jenni at the checkout (an inside joke about some forum chick who had strong arms from working at the checkout and the fact that she's a slut) 106k
Jimmy vs Swordboy (first ever animated GIF) 59k
Zombiefest 257k
** Zombiefest WIP 200k

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

IT IS A GAME (test version)


Arrow keys left/right = run
down = crouch
up = jump
Numpad 0 = counter-jump (when Pandaboy is in contact with a falling rock)
Numpad . (dot) = attack (use with direction keys)

w,a,s,d = arrows
j = counter-jump
k = attack

HOW TO PLAY (The in-game "How to play" is unfinished).

The objective of the game is to "counter-jump" the falling rocks and keep going higher and higher until you see the Planet Raper, who is constantly descending to rape the Earth (which means the game is over). Be aware that coming in contact with the Planet Raper will severely damage you. The orange bar in the bottom-left of the screen is your health, while the red bar is the enemy's health. Defeat the Planet Raper by attacking it every opportunity you get! After its health is depleted you will have to perform a finishing-move, to do this you have to press the correct direction key sequence before the time runs out (pressing the wrong direction will speed up the time). GOOD LUCK!


This can be a really hard game at times so keep these tips in mind:
* I don't know why but it's usually easier to control if you're not always holding down the "up" key.
* This game is specially coded so you can't hold down the keys to win, the intended idea is to press the key at the exact moment. Pressing the keys repeatedly ("mashing") also works, which I don't mind.
* You can only attack once per every jump, but you can attack once after (and even cancel) every new counter-jump, and you can cancel attacks with counter-jumps (you can't cancel a counter-jump with another counter-jump). So it is possible to do a repetitive sequence like counter, attack, counter, attack, etc.
* Take advantage of my cartoony physics! Attacking in the air will pause your falling momentarily, but it can also destroy a rock you might want to counter-jump on so do it carefully.

* One exploitable glitch is taking advantage of Flash's shitty hit-test programming, so you don't have to hit the Planet Raper directly, but you can attack its "bounding box" and it will still do damage.
* While you are on the ground you can attack much more repetitively by holding down the attack key, so if you manage to weaken the Planet Raper in the air by about 60% you can wait until it comes down close enough to rapidly hit it.
* The finishing sequence goes like this: adwdaswasadwdsad (not much thought went into this sequence).


Personally I think this looks too much like a typical Flash game. If anything I'd probably want to start this again using C++ with pixel sprites. I want to change the look of the falling rocks but I haven't decided what to change them into yet. I think the Planet Raper needs a simpler redesign. Some of the physics are really terrible, I wanted "cartoony" but this is borderline "glitchy". I wanted Pandaboy to take damage if he falls down from a really high place (which he does fyi) but he somehow gains so much resistence it's like he has an invisible parachute, yet if I make him fall down too fast then it won't be "cartoony" anymore it would be "brutal gravity". The ending is supposed to be temporary, but I like the way it looks. Originally it's supposed to do "zoom-outs" instead of flashing white, but I'll do that in the final version if I ever get around to it (yeah right). I think the splash screen needs anatomy corrections.

There is an easter-egg stage in this game, it's pretty silly and I could have fixed it but I didn't because I like it. You access it by right-clicking and selecting Play. you can find a couple things I didn't include in the final game like running up a wall (hold up when you counter-jump at the surface of the wall) and if you hit the big moving hammering thing you get the "bad-hit" animation that stuns you a little bit. These were intended for the actual game that this was supposed to be. Kill the small angry circle-face to get out of it.

Any comments/suggestions/glitch-notes is appreciated!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I made this. Use it freely:

The image is called "James Price".

Motion Tweening madness!

The art of "Motion tweening" is a much-disputed technique used in Flash (Adobe or Macromedia) that can make an object move from point-A to point-B. EXAMPLE:

But there are other aspects of the motion tween. You can, for example, rotate:

As well as other tricks like "ease" which is too complicated for me.

^I don't know why that marqueemotion tween keeps stuffing up.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Music is not just a truck you can dump your stuff into. Music is a series of tubes...